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5keys, the world's only coaching platform that makes you happy.

Fodder for your mindset, health and prosperity. Go through life drama-free as a superhero, have happy relationships, be bulletproof and achieve all your goals.

The essence of great coaches for your life on one platform for one community.

How to develop your full potential with the 5KEYS

1. unfold

Become the master of your life. Start with the key area of your life that you want to master and develop. Find your courses and your favorite coaches.

With the free courses you can start immediately!

New ones are added every month.


2. find your community

You can network with people just for the heck of it or even start your own “buddy group” to be in constant exchange with like-minded people.

Your buddies go through life with you. They are your support and your mastermind.

As you know it from other social media, you can find friends and even create your own groups and chat.


3. dive into your lifetime process

With the Coaching Flatrate you get an exclusive membership and thus access to intensive online courses and group coaching sessions. You get numerous discounts with coaches and events as well as access to exclusive events with your community.


4. find your coach

The wrong coach can cost you a fortune, the right coach will help you make a fortune. But no matter for which area of life, the coach must fit you, understand you and you understand HIM.

Our coaches offer you free content to get to know them, flat rate content to build trust, and we feature them at many online & offline events.

We also have an incorruptible evaluation system for each course and coach.

And in our Marketplace, you’ll find not only their offers, but also exclusive discounts.

Proven and tested

Just as you know it from Amazon, for example, all courses and coaches receive reviews. So you can be sure to always find the right one for you.

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Fun factor and recognition

Commitment is rewarded. Collect points and awards with your actions. Learning, participating, engaging and supporting is rewarded in many ways in the 5KEYS community. Show who you are and what you can do!


Your super strong mindset.

A superhero is not made of his muscles, but starts with his mindset. You will get everything you need from our coaches. You will get everything you need from our coaches. Use powerful mind tricks. Use powerful mind tricks. Finally happy and satisfied.


What thoughts, habits and patterns are making you sick? Different coaches with different approaches and methods help you to find a new way of dealing with your body. Healing can take place in so many different and even unusual ways. Become powerful, energetic, healthy and strong again. Finally healthy and beautiful.


A toxic relationship at home, at work, with family or friends can make your life hell. The solution to all relationship issues lies within yourself. Our coaches will help you build nurturing, happy relationships in all areas. Happy at last!


To live a fulfilled life is to feel a very special power. To feel closer to the meaning of his own life. A full life is so invigorating. And yet, with all the perceived limitations and obligations, we still find it difficult to even recognize what fulfills us. Our coaches will take you on new paths. Professionally, as well as privately. Finally arrived.


Money alone does not make you happy, but everyone is very happy to accept it and wants it. Warum? Because basically everyone knows that poverty does not make people happy, it limits and restricts them. The key is simply financial intelligence. However, this is not taught in school. Our coaches help you to a whole money mindset and thus unusual prosperity for your life. Free at last.

Who can become a 5KEYS coach?

All coaches worldwide who have a special message, really want to help people and are willing to support the 5KEYS community.

More reach for coaches, more content for an ever-growing community!

How do I become part of the 5KEYS community?

With a simple, free registration you can use all the free content of our community Lifetime.

In addition, you can purchase a coaching flat rate for max. 69 per month to take advantage of numerous on & offline coaching sessions in addition to the monthly growing flat rate content. Personal development is a lifelong process, we make it affordable for everyone.

In addition, you can book premium coachings of your favorite coaches via our Marketplace, some of which are discounted.

Cashback option

Right with the first registration you get the opportunity to create your own affiliate link. If you like the 5KEYS community, you can recommend the community, the flat rate or individual premium products of the coaches with this personalized link. In combination with your own flatrate membership you can earn real money.

As long as you do not use a flat rate, all new registrations will be assigned to you. If you later decide to sign up for a flat rate membership, you will receive affiliate commissions for all future orders of your referrals from that point on.

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